Sports Leadership Training


Sport leaders in their home YMCA, delegates who are interested in building up a sport programme and all persons who would like to develop further leadership skills in movement-related sports activities.

All persons attending the sport leadership training will get a certificate. 

Maximum number of participants: approx. 30


The YMCA sport leadership training will be offered as a coherent seminar consisting of 5 sessions and includes theory and practice. The seminar pursues a holistic approach based on the meaning of the YMCA triangle which symbolizes the whole human being with body, mind and spirit.

Therefore the seminar will offer three topic areas (main goals):

  • Sharing and developing new sports activities (body)
  • Getting a new impression of goals and core values of YMCA sport or updating this knowledge (spirit)
  • Further development of own (sport) competences and leadership skills in sport (mind)

Seminar schedule – Overview

All participants attend the following sessions:

Session 1: YMCA Sports Leadership Training – introduction (Monday, 14:00 – 15.30 h)

Session 2 – 4: Three different workshops form the topic areas “body”, “mind” and “spirit”

Session 5: YMCA Sports Leadership Training – closing session (Wednesday, 18:00 – 18:30 h)

Workshop choice: Every participant chooses three workshops – one from each thematic field (“body” and “mind” and “spirit”, see list below).

The participation in the workshops will be confirmed by the workshop leaders.

Session 1:  YMCA Sports Leadership Training – introduction (Monday, 14:00 – 15.30 h, Room 7)

Stepping into the Leadership Programme with best practice examples: Junior Coaching programs in YMCA Atlanta and YMCA Germany

Presented by Martina Frey (YMCA Germany) & Kim Castro (YMCA Atlanta, USA)

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Session 1 will give an overview about goals, programme content and schedule of the leadership training and demonstrate benefits of being an educated YMCA sport trainer. We will share expectations and exchange experiences in sports work with different target groups and will get to know each other in creative ways.

In a second part, two best practice examples of sports leadership training concepts will be presented: Junior Coaching Programme (YMCA Atlanta) & YMCA Sport Leadership Training (YMCA Germany). We will discuss how we can spread enthusiasm for YMCA sport and YMCA sport core values amongst young people, motivate them to take over responsibility in sports and enable them to become junior volunteers.

An important aspect will be the challenge to give broad support for junior volunteers by experienced coaches to empower future trainer teams. Let´s start together into a motivating and moving training session!

Sessions 2-4:
Workshops (Monday to Wednesday)

Choose three different workshops out of this list – one from each topic area: Body, Spirit & Mind 

Presented by Kim Castro, Aline Flores, Kyla Boyns, Wanjiang Zhou, Carolin Münch, Cees Bremmer, Mikaela LoPriore, Jaydon Parsons, Madeleine Taylor

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Topic area Title Workshop leader


Games, Juegos, Jeux, Ludus, Spiele – Let’s Play! Kim Castro,

YMCA Atlanta, USA

Futebol 3 tempos Aline Flores,

YMCA Brazil

Basketball: The Journey of a Sport through Presentation and Play Kyla Boyns, Wanjiang Zhou, Springfield College, USA         
Spirit Good News in Motion Carolin Münch,

YMCA Germany

Christianity, Health and Wellbeing Cees Bremmer

YMCA Netherlands



Beyond The Playing Surface: How Positive Coaching Behaviors Mold the Youth Athletes of Today Mikaela LoPriore

Springfield College, USA

YMCA mYnd-pump program: How the Y can assist young people with poor mental health through physical activity Jaydon Parsons,

YMCA Australia

Non-verbal communication techniques for building credibility and maximizing impact Madeleine Taylor,

YMCA Canberra,


Session 5: YMCA Sports Leadership Training

Closing Session (Wednesday 18:00 – 18:30 h, Room 7)

Review and handover of certificates. 

Presented by Martina Frey (YMCA Germany) & Kim Castro (YMCA Atlanta, USA)

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After gaining new impressions of YMCA sports work, health and wellbeing we will reflect our experiences, collate and share the learning outcome and develop perspectives for our local and national YMCAs.

What are personal learnings? What can we put into practice? Which are the next steps? How can we keep connected?

Finally, you will receive your certificates.

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