Jeffrey Sparr

Mental health awareness activist @ PeaceLove

Jeff is a man on a mission – a mission to make it cool to support mental health awareness. Jeff is a family man, advocate, teacher, and self-taught artist. Above all else, Jeff is a survivor. Diagnosed with OCD in college, Jeff waged a daily war against his illness. While launching a textile company, getting married, and starting a family, Jeff underwent therapy.

During this time, he searched for an outlet that would provide comfort and give him peace of mind. At the suggestion of a friend, Jeff decided to try his hand at painting. As he painted, he created a recurring character: the PeaceMan. Cool, calm, and collected in his fedora and the 1920s suit.

Over the years, the PeaceMan has become something of an alter-ego. When he puts on his paint-speckled CREATOR jacket, Jeff is the PeaceMan – he is in charge. For Jeff, the discovery of painting was the discovery of his superpower. It provided him with a sense of control. This changed the course of Jeff’s life, and he hasn’t stopped painting since. He knew he needed to do something powerful with his newfound superpower. He wanted to share the peace of mind he felt while painting with everyone. Starting small, with a shopping cart full of art supplies, Jeff set out to build a movement for the mental health community to rally behind.

Since 2009, PeaceLove has been working to spread Peace of Mind through creativity and expressive arts workshops.