Jayden Parsons

@ YMCA Australia

Jayden has been working on the development and delivery of the YMCA mYnd-pump program since its inception in 2016. The program is now a product capable of being shared and relocated allowing other YMCA’s to have a greater impact on young people with mental health challenges in their communities. Jayden has been a part of YMCA since he was 16 and has been a member of teams locally, nationally and internationally with YMCA.

Jayden is completing his final year of a Bachelor of Laws in Brisbane, Australia and enjoys playing rugby and surfing in his spare time. At a young age, Jayden struggled with his mental health and his local community was seriously impacted by suicide amongst its youth. As a physically active young person, Jayden saw an opportunity to assist young people challenged by their mental health through his passion for health and fitness which led to the creation of the mYnd-pump program.