In this modern, digitally connected age, it’s a reality that people are still suffering poor health and wellbeing due to poverty and social factors. In terms of mental health, globally an estimated 300 million people are affected by depression for example, while bi polar disorder affects about 60 million people. In low- and middle-income countries, between 76% and 85% of people with mental disorders receive no treatment for their disorder. In high-income countries, between 35% and 50% of people with mental disorders are in the same situation. To address these kind of health inequalities, achieving good health and wellbeing across the globe for every individual is listed as number three of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Health and Wellbeing themed workshops cover mental health and physical wellbeing, with subjects like building confidence and self-esteem, to learning new sports, to spiritual nourishment and coping with stress. Click through the workshops below to see which ones appeal to you – they are all led by experts who are passionate and knowledgeable.


How do we address feelings and not facts?

Moderated by Jordan Stephens. Panellists: Jayden Parsons, Sophia Zahra, Emma Thomas, Loizza Aquino and Miranda Wolpert.

How do we challenge the stigma around mental health to develop new and innovative community based approaches?

Hear from a diverse group of experts engaging in a conversation on mental health and the stigma attached to it.

Tue 6 Aug, 1-3:30pm


Trauma-Informed Care Approaches

Presented by Jenny Miller, Sasha Martin, and Stacey G Collier

Understand how trauma can impact young people & improve your service.

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This thoughtful training will provide attendees with a fuller understanding of the effects of trauma on young people, practical ideas in addressing trauma when working with young people, as well as tangible techniques to implement in your program area to improve the quality of your services as we collectively advance community inclusion in the global YMCA movement.

Tue 6 Aug, 5.30-6:00pm

Personal Emotional Confidence and Wellbeing 

Presented by Phil Martin

An interactive session to explore your own emotional awareness and learn to apply it into roles and life.

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How do you learn to recognise emotions? What do you do to help you know how to use emotions in the most appropriate ways? How do you help others to recognise and use their emotions for the benefit of all? We all have lots of emotions and many are very powerful and can be helpful or they can be damaging when used wrongly. Emotions are good. But how we recognise them and respond to them is very important. This fully interactive workshop will help you learn to identify, recognise and use your emotions and seek to help you work with others to do the same. The workshop will involve sharing in small groups and working together.

Mon 5 Aug, 3-4:30pm

Fitness and Power Workout for everybody

Presented by David Münch

Experience various fitness training with motivating music and power.

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This group fitness training will be funny and effective. It will be a mixture of cardio and functional training with various exercises to train endurance, strength, mobility and coordination. So let´s burn our tummy, hips, thighs, back and bottom with this 90-minute-workout – and keep smiling! We begin with a warm-up to bring you on a fitness temperature and continue with running and jumping as well as self-weight-exercises for arms, legs, abdominal and back muscles. Finally we will cool down with a broad stretch programme. Please be prepared with sport shoes and clothing.

Every day, throughout the day 

Futebol 3 tempos

Presented by Aline Flores, Annaclara Marona Diaz and Helder Oliveira

Football as a tool for inclusion, mediation of conflict and for building citizenship and values

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“Futebol 3 tempos” started in the ACM in 2008, as a strategy to develop inclusion and citizenship with the institution’s youth. It serves for empowering young people, to develop life skills and learn how to become leaders in their communities. Unlike a traditional and competitive football match, “3-time football” aims a fair play and education for values such as solidarity, respect and cooperation. That means: The match has no judge and it is not the amount of goals that defines the champion, but the team that follows more appropriately the agreed rules. This workshop consists of a presentation of Futebol 3, explaining its operation, its history and the performance in ACM-RS.

Beeing high up in the trees – discover the tree house camp concept

Presented by Jürgen Dötsch

This workshop will introduce the experiential education based concept of tree house camps.

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The treehouse-camp is an action-oriented and participative project which aims to promote the participants` social and personal competences while pursuing the YMCA holistic approach. The treehouse camp challenge is to build a fully completed and habitable treehouse within seven or 14 days – including space to sleep, cook and spend the time together in the forest. Treehouse Camps are a way to grow together into a team. In this workshop you will experience how a tree house is built, what material is needed for the construction and what framework conditions are necessary. Besides the presentation of pictures, you will get to know special climbing equipment and a tree house model which you can discover on-site. The workshop will show good practice examples of tree house camps which has been run in Germany with teens and young adults. The concept is well-known in the YMCA Germany and especially in Switzerland.

Build your own sportive project – how to organise a sport challenge

Presented by Cédric Graser & Louis Schweblin

See, hear and feel the fresh experiences of the Paris-London-Bike-Team and get creative yourself

Could you imagine to cycle from Paris to London? 5 days by bike, camping under the clouds and sun? With a bunch of friends and making new friends? Unforgettable memories! Could you imagine organizing a similar activity in your YMCA? Why not!?

Join us and get information about what happened during our bike trip to 175. Discuss, share old and new ideas and possible challenges with us.

Let us give you advises for your future sports project. Come alone or with friends – it will be fun and exciting!

Recreational Songs basics – leading and creating

Presented by Danny Pizarro Díaz

Experience recreational songs, get active, have fun and learn how to do it

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Are you looking for new ways to lead groups? Do you need tools to connect with your participants? This workshop will help you learn the basics of leading and creating recreational songs. Through experiential learning exercises, we will learn to manage our body language, position ourselves effectively, manage the attention, empathy and motivation of our participants, as well as learn about the applications and benefits of recreational songs. The workshop is suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or not. However, we encourage those people related to children and youth work, leisure time activities and camps to attend.

Menstruation is not outcast

Presented by George Dela Coffie

Menstruation has always been a taboo topic in many societies where the biological cycle is often described as “unclean”, “disgusting” and “sacred”. This workshop will inform, discuss cultural and societal norms, menstrual hygiene management and will help to break stereotypes.

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According to research from Girl Effect, one in 10 girls in Africa miss class or drop out of school all because of their periods. In Sierra Leone, more than one in five girls miss school because of their periods. In Nepal and Afghanistan, three in 10 girls do. Research has demonstrated the positive effects of universal education: educated women are less likely to die in childbirth, their babies tend to be healthier, and their children are in turn more likely to go to school. Menstruation is a recurrent event in human life; it cannot be ignored and we need to speak about i. It portrays the fertility and recognition of female as adolescent, but most male-dominated cultures in Ghana and Africa view it as messy, revolting and polluted. The creation of menstrual taboos took place independently and repeatedly across different peoples and geographies. The science behind menstruation and the myths surrounding it must be discussed. Discussion is needed about menstruation with boys at home or school to help them be sensitive and supportive. It’s very important to remove stigmas and taboos attached to periods.

Finding Rest in Your Life

Presented by James Gaymon

“Finding Rest in Your Life” will discuss the importance of rest and practical tools to help you find rest in Spirit, Mind and Body

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YMCA was founded on encouraging a healthy spirit, mind and body. This workshop wants to help individuals understand how important it is to implement rest in your life for spirit, mind and body and to give individuals practical tools to help them achieve rest. The session will give information around the risks associated with stress and a lifestyle that does not allow times of rest and self-care. Everyone can benefit from a life style that is more restful, yet so many of us do not know where to begin. This workshop will include a combination of lecture and class participation. Come join this workshop for some insightful tips on finding that rest in a crazy world.

Goals – Vision – Living-Up

Presented by René Schöler

Jesus was an influencer – who do you want to be?

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Do you know your purpose? What are you here on earth for? In this globalized world, we have endless opportunities and are stuck in the decision process. Using biblical examples and modern techniques, this workshop will help you to find your calling, activate your passion and strengthen your decision making skills. Personal Strength and Mental Wellbeing are the foundation of a fulfilling and happy life. When you are able to find your purpose, set clear goals, and know how to approach them you are well equipped for a bright future.

Young People’s Mental Health: A response

Presented by Mick Atkinson

Get an overview of research and evidence relating to young people’s mental health in England and hear about the helpful service of a good practice youth project.

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Children and young people’s mental health has never been a more topical issue both in the Uk and globally. Young people today are facing unprecedented threats to their mental health and wellbeing, not least in the advent of the internet and social media. The most recent prevalence study in the U.K shows a marked increase in mental health difficulties, particularly in adolescence. However, there is hope. This workshop will use a combination of the latest research, coupled with practical examples of how young people’s mental health can be improved, voiced by young people themselves.

Volunteering 4.0: Youth under digital stress?

Presented by Hannes Breder

Discuss knowledge about digital stress, raise awareness about positive and negative effects of new media, gather ideas on how the YMCA should react to it, multiply knowledge into the delegates local YMCA.

As a society, we are experiencing an ongoing, rapid development of technology. In this workshop, we will take a look at the consequences of new technologies. While it is a very recent phenomenon, “digital stress”, might be one of the biggest social challenges of our time, as it influences the wellbeing of each individual.

“Digital stress” describes negative implications, as well as positive effects. Together, we will examine the academic research and talk about your own experiences. Furthermore, we will go over different approaches and discuss potential strategies how to deal with technostress.

Engaging and involving young people in Health and Wellbeing policy and practice

Presented by Katie Waters, Linn Boudin, Maya Bardsley and Danielle Garratt

“YMCA Right Here” want to share with you their engagement and influence model so you can consider and identify the varied and diverse ways young people can inform and influence policy and practice around health and well-being.

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“YMCA Right Here” is a youth-led health and wellbeing project. We would like to share how young people engage with us in many different ways in order to ensure their views and experience inform and influence all the work we do. This might include campaigns we have developed; resources we have developed e.g. around preventing self harm; training we have delivered in schools; and activities to find out how young people experience health and wellbeing services in order to improve practice. Come and see how we work, learn about the importance of youth participation and how this could be incorporated into what you do!

Personal emotional confidence and wellbeing

Presented by Phil Martin

An interactive session to explore your own emotional awareness and learn to apply it into roles and life.

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How do you learn to recognise emotions? What do you do to help you know how to use emotions in the most appropriate ways? How do you help others to recognise and use their emotions for the benefit of all?

We all have lots of emotions and many are very powerful and can be helpful or they can be damaging when used wrongly. Emotions are good. But how we recognise them and respond to them is very important. This fully interactive workshop will help you learn to identify, recognise and use your emotions and seek to help you work with others to do the same.

The workshop will involve sharing in small groups and working together.

Monday 5 Aug, 3:00pm-4:30pm

Competence and leadership skills in sport (three sessions)

Presented by Martina Frey

Explore why sport brings people together and has such impact in our YMCA communities. A hands-on session putting the goals and values of YMCA sport into practice and developing new sport activities.

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Competence and leadership skills in sport (session one of three)

Explore why sport brings people together and has such impact in our YMCA communities. A hands-on session putting the goals and values of YMCA sport into practise and developing new sport activities.

Develop new sport activities (session two of three)

An insight into how to create a new buzz around well-known, well-loved games. Discover how to be innovative by learning new games, developing new ones and changing existing ones.

Competence and leadership skills in sport (session three of three)

Build on experience and knowledge and learn how to be a sports leader. Learn training methods, develop a greater understanding of the coach’s role and explore personal and team development.

Wellness, Leadership and Advocacy: How Youth Can Change Communities

Presented by Rachel Basmaci

Engaging and exchanging ideas of leadership, including various perspectives of wellness in youth advocacy.

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In this activity, we will incorporate the holistic view of the seven dimensions of wellness to influence health across various levels of communities. Communities are affected at the intrapersonal, organisational, community, and policy level. Youth leaders can become change agents for communities across the world.

We will discuss how leadership, passion, and opportunity can lead to advocacy efforts that create inclusive and sustainable change. This session will be facilitated through education, empowerment, discussion, storytelling, and personal experiences. It draws an association between what health means in communities, how we can lead, and how we can get there.

You are not expected to be an expert, rather someone who enjoys discussion, wants to learn, and challenge new ideas and perspectives on wellness, leadership, and advocacy and the interconnection between those ideas.

Humorous balloon modelling for storytelling and decoration

Presented by David Münch

Create figures, flowers, animals and hats and be creative with balloon art!

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With colorful balloons we will create figures, animals and objects. We will learn techniques to twist and arrange varying balloons in a harmonic and humorous design.

We will exercise to present balloon arts on stage with a valuable message for the audience. The balloon arts consist of one up to ten balloons or more.
We want you to apart of it!

Volleyball: Traditional YMCA sport and best practice for body, mind and spirit

Presented by Daniel Zühlke and Mirka Homrich

Experience the traditional and current YMCA game volleyball in theory and practice. Step (deeper) into the volleyball rules, practice to play in a motivated team and discover your talent.

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You will be given a basic technical training, experience teamwork as an important key aspect and learn how to promote talents and work with them in a team.

Besides the training tutorials on a volleyball court there will be sharing and discussion about the chances volleyball has for young people to develop competences.

Additionally the workshop will provide interesting facts about volleyball as YMCA game. Please bring sport shoes and clothes.

Understanding the goals and values of YMCA sport

Presented by Martina Frey

Explore why sport brings people together and has such impact in our YMCA communities.

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A hands-on session putting the goals and values of YMCA sport into practise and developing new sport activities.

Games, Juegos, Jeux, Ludus, Spiele – Let’s Play!

Presented by Kim Castro, Kevin Ellis, Rachel Singer

Games are played around the world as a way for people to get engaged and meet others. Come and play with us!

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Come and get to know other youth from around the world. In this high energy workshop youth will participate in many different large and small group games and team building.

Be ready to move out of your comfort zone and meet new people in a fun and engaging way.

Participants will leave with new friends, stronger leadership skills and new games and team building ideas to bring back to their local YMCA. Please bring comfortable (sporty) clothes.

Develop new sport activities

Presented by Martina Frey

An insight into how to create a new buzz around well-known, well-loved games.

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Discover how to be innovative by learning new games, developing new ones and changing existing ones.

Teaching Core Values through Social Emotional Coaching

Presented by Alex Draper, Danielia Barron

Social-Emotional Coaching: seamlessly integrating Core Values (and social-emotional learning) into your coaching toolkit.

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You’ve planned your session, you know what instructional activities, coaching moments, and faciliation questions you want to ask, but … you’re not sure that your players/campers/students left the session having had the opportunity to develop socially or emotionally. In my session, I’ll show you how.

You’ll wear two hats;
1. The soccer player participant. This will be a session targeting new young players, so come show off or learn a thing or two!
2. Discover a coaching mindset, from planning, to acting on observations, to debrief, including specific techniques and mini-activities that elevate the social-emotional impact of your sessions.

The importance of connection: How we can make a bigger impact in youth programming

Presented by Lindsay Zielonka

Join us as we look at the importance of connecting as employees, as role models, and beyond in order to create successful programming. We will learn the who, and how’s of connection through discussion and storytelling during this workshop.

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Why do some sports departments fail while others thrive? What is the key to building up a department? There is one key factor all successful programs must have in order to create a fun, thriving environment. We must have connection.

This group discussion will be focused on the importance of connection. We will look into how we make connections through both our successes and failures.

However we will also look at how that connection must be built beyond just our participants. How does our connections among fellow Y employees, community partners and beyond impact our work? While I look forward to sharing my Y story with you, this workshop will include dedicated time for small group discussions, where we can connect through shared experiences.

Is lasting change possible? – Journey to Freedom small groups

Presented by Alyxs Shaw

Together we are exploring the universal struggles we as humanity face – the desire to be loved, known and accepted.

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Journey to Freedom small groups are committed to transform your life in 3 key areas – body, mind and spirit. We all desire to be loved, to be known and to be accepted. What happens if our desires are not fulfilled?

Freedom – are you free? Or do you struggle in an area of your life, such as; anxiety, depression, fear, relationships, loneliness, anger, grief, loss or low self-esteem?

Do you long for change in these areas? Let’s explore together the power of safe space small groups and learn how to build intentional healing communities to transform ourselves and the world around us!

Beyond The Playing Surface: How Positive Coaching Behaviors Mold the Youth Athletes of Today

Presented by Mikaela LoPriore

This workshop will provide knowledge on effective leadership behaviors and discuss factors that influence the importance of youth participation in sports locally and globally.

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Learn training methods, develop a greater understanding of the coach’s role and explore personal and team development.

Let’s Make Noise: Building Community Through High Energy Initiatives

Presented by Nick Fazio, Johnny Poitras

You will experience a motivating chanting and cheering high energy session and learn how to use it for different types of program.

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Have you ever wanted to be a part of the loudest group all across the world? Well, then we have you covered! Chanting and cheering is a great way to get a group hyped up, boost morale and build confidence.

In this session, you will gain the skills to lead others in purposeful, high energy activities that will foster a strong sense of community and get rid of those first day of camp/program jitters. Be ready to let loose and get funky.

Building Personal Resilience for Young Leaders

Presented by Madeleine Taylor

Share experiences and practice the tools and techniques that will help us overcome our challenges as we reshape our world.

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Robert F. Kennedy said “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” What do you want to achieve? Social or environmental change? A promotion or perhaps a date? Whatever your aspiration is, you should expect to face challenges and experience failure along the way.

Personal resilience is what will help you to pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and try again. In this workshop we will explore resilience and how to build it within ourselves, to ensure we can ‘achieve greatly’ regardless of what gets in our way.

Basketball: The Journey of a Sport through Presentation and Play

Presented by Wanjiang Zhou, Kyla Boyns

Take the chance to dive into YMCA basketball history, meet James Naismith (the founder of basketball) and experience the original basketball game.

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Do you want to learn about the history of basketball and how it has evolved to become a global sport? Presented by Springfield College (the birthplace of basketball), you will deepen your understanding about the founder, philosophy and how the YMCA played an integral role in spreading this game worldwide.

As part of this session, we will travel back to 1891 to learn about and play “basket ball” with the 13 original rules. Bring your positive spirit, have an open mind, and be ready to hit the court! Please bring indoor sport clothes and shoes.

Funny (mini) sport games to move your YMCA group

Presented by Martina Frey

Experience funny sport games with everyday material to play in (almost) every situation

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We will experience ideas to move YMCA-people, groups, warming-ups and in-between activities. We would like to get active together and test a lot of funny sport games you can play with nearly all target groups, include in nearly all programmes and play “ad hoc”.

These games are easy to realize because you don´t need a gym but only a (big) room or field. Moreover we will use everyday material which you can often find at home. The sport games intend to be fun, to get you physically and mentally active and train your abilities of condition, strength, coordination and cooperation – so your health and wellbeing will be improved while playing and having fun. Please bring sport shoes and clothes.

OurChanceToDance: Increasing Self-Empowerment, Engagement, and Healing in Communities.

Presented by Jessika Baral, Anneliese Ceisel

We will engage in a dance workshop to connect with others, increase self-confidence, empower one another, and have fun.

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OurChanceToDance is an organization that uses the power of movement to increase self-empowerment, unite communities, and bring dance to unique populations. During the activity, we will showcase the health, social, and cultural benefits of dance while discussing how to lead active lifestyles. We will also engage in a dance workshop where we will learn a dance routine together!

Afterwards, we will discuss how you can use dance to be a civic agent. Ultimately, no matter what your previous experience with dance is, we will have fun and equip you to implement lasting change in your community through dance and service.

Please bring (sporty) clothes and shoes that allow you to move and dance. Delegates with special needs or disabilities/ people in wheelchairs can also participate and be active in this dance workshop.

Non-verbal communication techniques for building credibility and maximizing impact

Presented by Madeleine Taylor

Maximize your impact by learning how your body language can help you convey confidence and credibility

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For young leaders to be effective in making sustainable and positive change in the world, they need to convey confidence, and be assertive, so people pay attention and take action.

To help overcome the challenges young leaders face in establishing credibility and influence with often older and more experienced peers, research shows that their non-verbal communication such as body language is critical.

The techniques taught in this workshop, such as gestures, tone and space, along with strategies for implementing them in different contexts like small meetings versus large rallies, will help young leaders overcome challenges and maximize their impact.

Christianity, Health and Wellbeing

Presented by Cees Bremmer

An introduction in a Christian perspective on health and healing and an exchange of views about wholeness, wellness, health and stress.

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Physical and mental health, wellbeing and Christian inspiration and motivation are at the core of our YMCAs.

This workshop intends to clarify the significance of the „C“ as a vital and strong force of inspiration for our societies and our personal lives. We will have a reflection on several basic concepts and questions on health, wellbeing, values and Christianity.

Participants can expect an inspirational Power Point-Presentation and a vivid interactive conversation and discussion. If you are also interested in some moments of reflection during the 175 years celebration and are interested in learning together as well as share visions and personal experiences join this workshop.

YMCA mYnd-pump program: How YMCA can assist young people with poor mental health through physical activity

Presented by Jayden Parsons

The YMCA mYnd-pump program is a youth mental health preventative/early intervention program, focused on bettering young people both physically and mentally. It is run in YMCAs across Australia.

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Youth mental health is a key issue for young people currently all around the world. With the potential to have a significant impact in this space, the YMCA mYnd-pump program is a simple way to contribute to your local community in the mental health space.

This workshop wants to share the opportunity to have an impact on young people with mental health challenges and a potential way of doing so. The content, is a program being delivered in youth mental health by the YMCA Brisbane along with lived experiences and a product for people to take back to their associations.

You can learn about the program and youth mental health, ask questions and have them answered. You will be given a program that could be implemented in your local YMCAs to have an impact in youth mental health and we can discuss any barriers you see as potentially preventing you from running the program. Program resources can be shared with interested participating delegates.

Good News in Motion

Presented by Carolin Münch

Experience the Moving Gospel in an active and creative way

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With regard to the holistic approach of YMCA work meaningful and sustainable competence development always comprises body, mind and spirit. Especially sport and movement programmes or even short activities brought in from time to time in all kinds of YMCA work give the opportunity to „learn with head, heart and hands“ (J.H. Pestalozzi, Swiss educator).

Even the ancient biblical texts are full of activity, challenges, experiential learning stories and „learning by doing“. So being active, practical work and discovering faith always belonged together and still do.

Today we see that sports and movement provide qualitative learning settings to develop not only motor skills but also personal, social, health, action and decision-making competences as well as spiritual competence – respectively faith can be discovered and finds space to grow. In this workshop we will experience different examples of how to find „good news“ in sport activities for children, youths and adults.

We will get active, experience biblical messages while doing sports and discover who is the best trainer for our life. Please bring sport clothes and sport shoes.

Summer Camps For Children With Special Needs

Presented by Valerie Pronk

In this workshop you will learn about the different targeting groups of YCamps, which is the summercamp project of YMCA Netherlands. Thereby we will talk about how to organise a summercamp in an interactive way.

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YMCA Netherlands organises different types of summercamps for children with special needs under the name YCamps.

You will learn in an interactive way how you can organise a summercamp in general, but also how to organise it for children with special needs. In order to do that, we will talk about different targeting groups with special needs: refugees, diabetes and mental disabilities.

This workshop will be interactive with all kinds of activities and exercises.

‘Hewell Rainbow Project’ Working with Children and Young People with a Parent in Prison

Presented by Nichola Harris; Charlotte Smith

An insight into the ‘Hidden Sentence’ families suffer when their loved ones are incarcerated.

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Building on our 13 years’ experience in this field, we will present an abbreviated version of Hidden Sentence, which highlights the important work we do with prisoners to reconnect prisoners with their families while incarcerated.

Working towards breaking the stigma attached to those affected by a prison sentence, all of our work helps to keep families together but also supports them when they have drifted apart.

Participants will engage in discussions about the needs of children with an incarcerated parent. Viewed from all family member’s perspectives, we will finish with a team building activity on an imaginary ‘Day Out’.

Obesity Epidemic Across the Globe; Workshop to Brainstorm Solutions that Can Cross Continents

Presented by Madison Johnson

In this interactive workshop participants will dive into the world wide obesity epidemic. Then as a diverse group, we will brainstorm solutions that expand across continental lines.

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Participants will not only dive into the world wide obesity epidemic and how it is perceived around the world but they will have the opportunity to brainstorm concrete solutions that expand across continental lines.

Firstly, taking a trip across the globe, delegates will learn how obesity is represented in various continents and countries with opportunities to share their own experiences.

Then in groups, delegates will discuss how this epidemic differs from continent to continent before brainstorming solutions that will fit in specific geographical areas. Lastly, the group will re-convene all together to design concrete solutions that can be applied around the world.

Be Real Campaign: Creating a body confident world

Presented by Liam Preston

Find out about YMCA’s Be Real campaign and how you can join a movement working to change attitudes towards body image and help people be confident in their bodies.

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Be Real is YMCA’s award winning campaign that is determined to change attitudes towards body image and help all of us put health above appearance and be confident in our bodies. We know that low body confidence is damaging people’s lives. It affects everyone – all ages and genders – and can start young.

It impacts people’s physical and mental health and can hold them back in life, stopping them from achieving all that they could.

During this workshop participants will learn more about the issue of body image anxiety and how it can effect young people, as well as the practical ways they can join the campaign and help tackle the issue.

Youth Focused Approaches to Mental Wellness

Presented by Sarah Blackmore; Lindsay Martin

Come learn about different approaches to mental wellness rooted in Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

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This interactive workshop focuses on the theories and approaches used in the YMCA Youth Mindfulness Groups.

We will discuss the mental health challenges youth around the world are experiencing today, and the role community-based mental wellness can play in supporting youth. In addition, we will demonstrate how activities based on Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can be used as helpful coping strategies when experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

We will provide a brief overview of what the Mindfulness Programs are and how they were developed before discussing program concepts and methods. This workshop includes interactive examples of Mindfulness activities and tools, as well as ideas on how to incorporate Mindfulness into your everyday life.


Presented by Phillippa Lewis

Find out about YMCA’s #IAMWHOLE campaign and how you can join young people around the world tackling the stigma surrounding mental health

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#IAMWHOLE is YMCA’s award winning mental health campaign that aims to tackle the stigma and stereotypes surrounding mental health and encourage young people to speak out, seek help and get support when they need it.

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about the history of #IAMWHOLE and the process by which the campaign grew from a local initiative to a global movement reaching more than 120 million people worldwide.

In addition participants will learn about the plans for the future and how they can join young people around working to normalise conversations about mental health, educate and inform people about mental health and how to access support and encourage and empower others to share their mental health journey.

Wed, 7 Aug –  4:30-6pm

Darkness to Light – The Consent Convo

Presented by Katelyn N. Brewer

How a New Generation is Defining Their Right to Physical and Sexual Consent

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Consent does not have a clear definition from community to community or country to country.

Come explore how leaders around the globe are facilitating conversations in their communities to explore why consent to sexual activity is key to gender equity and safe and harmonious societies.

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