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YMCA175 is more than just a one-off event, it is an opportunity for young leaders to learn and share practical skills, celebrate diversity, strengthen cross-cultural collaboration and shape the future as global leaders.

In preparation for the event delegates are encouraged to develop a pathway to connect your experience in August 2019 with the advancement of youth empowerment, diversity and inclusion in your communities.

This starts now, sign up for email updates to YMCA175, join us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and join the conversation using #YMCA175. If you have questions, email us 175[at] 


There will be a range of opportunities to engage with YMCA175 as a volunteer, we will need teams in preparation for the event to arrive earlier in London, to join us in making it happen from 4 – 8 August 2019, as well as after the event.

Roles will include facilitators, performers, coaches, mentors, workshop leaders, speakers, registration coordinators, team leaders and welcome groups. Volunteer application is open now.


YMCA175 will engage thousands of young leaders in a new level of global learning, sharing and collaboration on transformational approaches and programmes that address key issues impacting young people.

The values of social inclusion, equity and diversity are integral to the planning and preparation for YMCA175.  In order to make this a reality, YMCA will be partnering with organisations so that inspirational young leaders from all communities, all economies and all countries are able to participate in YMCA175 and continue their journeys of social transformation.   The partnerships will be designed to advance shared social responsibility priorities to the visibility and influence of youth voices around the world. 

YMCA175 provides sponsors with the opportunity to align their brand with young people who are leading and creating social transformation around the world. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please email 175[at]


We invite you to contribute to the content of the event by suggesting and running different kinds of sessions on various topics during YMCA175.

We are interested in hearing from you if you have a story, skills, knowledge or expertise that you want to share and think it can help delegates at YMCA175.

We are looking for people, aged 16+ who can:

  • Deliver a presentation on something you are passionate about or unveiling some research you have been involved in.
  • Deliver a training session, seminar, workshop.
  • Facilitate a Safe Space discussion, round table, partnership meeting, etc.
  • Contribute to, or lead, a panel, debate or question and answer session.
  • Or deliver something innovative that will further how delegates learn and grow in their understanding, knowledge, skills, attitudes, networks and behavior.

Applications for Delegate Speakers and Activity Leaders are open now.


Do you have an idea for our programme teams? Contact us at 175[at]

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