Delegate Activity Leaders


At YMCA we know that young people have a passion and commitment to social justice and positive cultural change through promoting global equity and diversity. YMCA175 will engage thousands of young leaders in a new level of global learning, sharing and collaboration on transformational approaches and programmes.


Delegate Activity Leaders and Speakers will play an essential role by sharing their vision and personal experiences of social transformation to shape a positive and sustainable future for the world.


Using the themes of health, environment, civic engagement and economic empowerment and growth, Delegate Speakers and Activity Leaders can provide an innovative platform to showcase, replicate and launch transformational youth-led initiatives.

Do you have knowledge and skills to share, want to build networks and take positive action to create positive change with others?

Do you want to empower young people to transform themselves and their communities?

Do you want to help to shape young people to become future global leaders?

Do you want to connect with young people and help them get connected?

If you believe this is you, and are aged 16+, then we invite you to apply to be part of the exciting programme being developed for YMCA175 4 -8 August 2019.

We are inviting trainers, speakers, facilitators, experts on different topics to contribute to the content of the event by different forms and act as Delegate Leaders of Activities and Speakers.


We are looking for people who can:

  1. Deliver a presentation on something you are passionate about or unveiling some research you have been involved in;
  2. Deliver a training session, seminar, workshop;
  3. Facilitate a Safe Space discussion, round table, partnership meeting, etc.;   
  4. Contribute to, or lead, a panel, debate or question and answer session;
  5. Or deliver something innovative that will further how delegates learn and grow in their understanding, knowledge, skills, attitudes, networks and behavior.

Before applying, please read the Terms of Reference first and then complete the application.

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