Discovery Visits are now available for YMCA175 Delegates

Experience a distinctive mix of discovery visits  planned for you by local YMCAs across the UK.

Each visit will offer something different, see different cities outside London like Birmingham and Belfast or spend time in the english countryside in East of England and Dulverton Each as fascinating offering lots of culture and history.

You could take the opportunity to visit Scotland’s  breathtaking views of wild landscapes, mist shrouded mountains and rolling hills that go on for miles. Visits that include a fascinating history and natural beauty. You’ll get a first hand experience of YMCAs work in the UK and a chance to connect with young people we work with.

The visits take place both before and after YMCA175 and last between 2-4 days you can find available visits by visiting  YMCA175’s Eventbrite page.

The visits are an optional opportunity to visit local YMCAs in the UK before and after YMCA175 takes place. These visits, at an additional cost to YMCA175 registration, are hosted and exclusively organised by local YMCAs for YMCA175 delegates and aim to extend contextual knowledge of YMCA’s work, develop skills and expand networks, to advance global partnerships.

If you have any questions take a look at Frequently Asked Questions about these experiences. If you have any questions please email, note that Terms & Conditions apply.

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