Arrival Information & Planning Advice


Once you have landed, or arrived, in London, we advise you first make your way to your accommodation for those who have booked accommodation. If you purchased a ticket with accommodation, you should have received an email with the details of where you are staying. See the accommodation section for more information. If you do come to ExCeL London first, please see the information about the cloakroom.

YMCA175 is not providing airport transfers upon arrival to your accommodation or to ExCeL London. YMCA175 accommodation is in central London, around a 20 to 45 minute journey dependent on where you are staying on the London Underground transport network. For advice on the best route to central London see the section on airport transfers.

YMCA175 at ExCeL London will open for delegates to collect your accreditation and Oyster card (London travel pass) from 12pm on Sunday 4 August. Please do not arrive before this time.

We recommend arriving no later than 6:30pm to guarantee enough time to be processed with your event accreditation and make your way to your seats for the Opening Ceremony in the Main Auditorium.

Between 12pm and 7:30pm there is light-programming available in the Plaza, including the opportunity to meet our exhibitors, experience YMCA’s history and heritage through exhibition, and our introductory rolling programme throughout the afternoon in the Epic Storytelling Place.

Please note that meals are not provided on Sunday 4 August. There will be a cafe where you can purchase light refreshments (sandwiches, snacks, salads) and neighbouring restaurants are within a 15 minute walk of the venue.

The Opening Ceremony will finish shortly after 9:30pm. Opening Devotions will start shortly afterward and will finish at around 10:30pm. You will then be able to make your way back to your accommodation using your Oyster card on public transport.

If you are arriving late, registration will be open until 10:30pm on Sunday 4 August; however, it is recommended that you collect your accreditation from the venue on the morning of Monday 5 August when it will open at 9am if you are staying at YMCA175 accommodation. See registration opening times.


Follow the links below to book discount airport transfers through our event partner VisitBritain.





Note: if you are arriving into London City Airport, simply purchase a ticket on the London Underground from the kiosk at the DLR station adjacent to the airport or use a contactless debit or credit card to tap in at City Airport Station and out at your destination station on the yellow touchpad.


ExCeL London is the home of YMCA175.

The full address is ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1XL

Please note that ExCeL London has two DLR (train) stops: Customs House and Prince Regent.

You should get off at Prince Regent, but if you exit at Customs House by mistake you can simply walk through the ExCeL to the end where YMCA175 is located.

Recommended to bring with you to the venue/London:

  • Reusable water bottle (YMCA175 branded reusable bottles will also be on sale if you don’t have one). There will be water towers around the venue to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Activewear to take part in activities in the Health & Wellbeing Area
  • Notebook + pen – for all your notes! 
  • Contact cards – for your new friends and colleagues
  • Phone charger/battery pack
  • Travel adapter(s) – more info


Every delegate must collect their event accreditation upon arrival which will include a lanyard and photo ID. Accreditation is one per person, non-transferable and must be worn at all times inside the venue.

Your accreditation can be collected from the registration desks located outside the Main Auditorium on Level 0. Upon arrival at Prince Regent Station, enter the venue and go down the escalators or stairs one level.

To collect your event accreditation, you can scan the barcode on your booking email. You do not need to print this out; a display on a digital device will be sufficient (and we would rather we saved the paper!). Alternatively, if you cannot find this email, you will be able to collect by entering your name and email on the touchscreen displays.

The booking lead (group leader) for groups of 20 delegates or more should collect on behalf of their entire group and distribute to their delegation accordingly.

Security and stewards will be checking event accreditation at all internal event entry points.

Anyone who arrives at the venue who has not been allocated a ticket by a group leader, has not completed payment, or has not notified the event organisers of a ticket or name transfer at least 72 hours prior to arrival, will be charged the full ticket fee before being admitted to the event.


Every delegate (excluding day delegates) will be given an Oyster card when they collect event accreditation. These are plastic contactless smartcards you can use instead of paper tickets. Visitor Oyster cards can be reused and never expire in the event you come back to London or stay longer.

The Oyster card is pre-loaded with enough funds for seven single journeys (£25).  This accounts for a one-way journey from ExCeL London to accommodation on Sunday evening, and return journies to the venue and back for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You can top-up your card with additional funds for any extra journeys you wish to make.

Top tip: Do not forget to tap your Oyster card in and out (i.e. when you enter your first station and exit your last). Even if the station does not have barriers upon exit, like Prince Regent, make sure you tap out on the posts with yellow touchpad circles. Failure to tap out will result in a fine applied to your card, and you will not have enough funds for the rest of your time in London. When travelling on a bus or tram you only need to touch in at the start of your journey. 

Please note that ExCeL London has two DLR (train) stops: Customs House and Prince Regent. You should get off at Prince Regent, but if you exit at Customs House by mistake you can simply walk through the ExCeL to the end where YMCA175 is located.


A reminder that YMCA175 is only providing food on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We also ask that you only take what you need and avoid food waste. A sandwich lunch has been arranged each day along with a hot buffet dinner.


It’s important that delegates are comfortable throughout YMCA175 while considering that they are representing their local, national and global organisation. The programme is packed with exciting content from morning to evening and active participation is expected at all sessions, from workshops to ceremonies, entertainment to sport! Do consider that there is a Health & Wellbeing Area in addition to the formal programme, so bringing some athletic wear to the venue is recommended if you wish to take part in the activities there.

Generally, we recommend a smart-casual / business-casual / casual dress. Delegates may wish to ‘dress up’ for the Opening or Closing Ceremonies, but there is no requirement by the organisers.


IMPORTANT: Due to the volume of accommodation requests, we are unable to book and allocate any additional nights for you outside of the guaranteed nights of Sunday 4, Monday 5, Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 August (checking out on the morning of Thursday 8 August). You must contact the hostel provider directly to enquire about additional nights and make payment. Note that your hostel may not have a booking directly under your name. You can find all hostel addresses, websites and contact details at

You should have received an email notification with details of where your YMCA175 accommodation is for your stay with us for YMCA175. If you haven’t received an email, and you’ve not been able to locate it in your spam/junk folder, go to and login to your Delegate Portal using the email address and password you registered with. The details of where you are staying will be on your summary page.

Once you receive your accommodation allocation, you will be able to contact your hostel provider directly to enquire about additional nights. You are also free to make alternative arrangements of your choosing for extra nights.

If you’re staying in YMCA175 hostel accommodation, it is also advisable to bring a:

  • Padlock – this will be for your locker; however, most hostels have them available for you as well
  • Towel – most hostels will have these available for you to hire for a small fee, but to avoid the cost, bring your own.


Every delegate upon first arriving at ExCeL London must collect their event accreditation and lanyard. Outside of the below times you will not be able to collect your accreditation, and will not be able to enter the venue. If you have an enquiry while on site, you can visit the same area for information.

Sunday 4 August: 12.00pm – 9.30pm
Monday 5 August: 9.00am – 10.30pm
Tuesday 6 August: 9.00am – 10.30pm
Wednesday 7 August: 9.00am – 10.30pm


Overall opening hours

Sunday 4: 12pm – 10pm
Monday 5: 9am – 10:30pm
Tuesday 6: 9am – 10:30pm
Wednesday 7: 9am – 10pm


Sunday 4: 12pm – 8pm
Monday 5: 9am – 10pm
Tuesday 6: 9am – 10pm
Wednesday 7: 9am – 8pm


Doors to the Auditorium will open up to 30 minutes prior to any event within it.

Sunday 4: 7-10pm
Monday 5: 9:30am – 3:30pm | 7:30 – 10pm
Tuesday 6: 9:30am – 12:30pm | 7:30 – 10pm
Wednesday 7: 9:30am – 3:30pm | 7:30 – 10pm

Doors 7pm
Opening Ceremony:
7:30pm – 9pm

Devotions: 9:10-10pm

Doors 9:30am
Devotions 10-11am,
Opening Plenary 11-12:30pm,
Panel 2 – 3:30pm,
Doors 7:30pm
Celebration 8-10pm.

Doors 9:30am
Devotions 10-11am
Opening Plenary 11-12:30pm
Doors 7:30pm
Evening event: 8-10pm.

Doors: 9:30am
Devotions: 10-11am
Opening Plenary: 11am-12:30pm
Panel 2: 3:30pm
Doors: 7:30pm
Closing Ceremony: 8-10pm.


Sunday 4: Closed
Monday 5: 12:30 – 7:30pm
Tuesday 6: 12:30 – 7:30pm
Wednesday 7: 12:30 – 6pm 


There is a cloakroom situated opposite the Auditorium on Level 0. The cloakroom costs £1 per item and does not accept any electronic devices such as laptops.

The cloakroom will operate from 8:30am – 11pm during the event.



ExCeL London is the home of YMCA175.

Full address ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1XL

The closest station is Prince Regent on the DLR. Please note that ExCeL London has two DLR stops: Customs House and Prince Regent. You should get off at Prince Regent, but if you exit at Customs House by mistake you can simply walk through the ExCeL to the end where YMCA175 is located. 


While at ExCeL London, in the event of a medical emergency please dial 4444 from any internal telephone, or +44 207 069 4444 from an external line.

Alternatively, please alert the nearest member of the venue or event security team.

If you have a medical enquiry while at the venue, first make your way to the on-site medical and first aid team located just after the toilets on the Main Boulevard opposite E16 Cafe. For non-emergency medical enquiries call +44 20 7069 5556

In any emergency at Excel London (medical, fire, security or unattended package) call +44 20 7069 4444.


If during the event you have an emergency to report, you can contact event management on +44 7568 970 299.

Non-emergencies can be emailed to

Please do not use this number just because you are lost, can’t decide what to eat for dinner, or need access to the venue WiFi. If you have a simple enquiry, please first contact your group leader, or your National Coordinator.

In any emergency at Excel London (medical, fire, security or unattended package) call +44 20 7069 4444. For non-emergency medical enquiries call +44 20 7069 5569.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency please first contact the UK Emergency Services by dialling 999.


If an evacuation of the venue is necessary, for whatever reason, you will hear the following announcement broadcast over the public address system:

 “Attention please, attention please. Here is an important announcement. It is necessary to ask everyone to leave the building. Please make your way calmly to the nearest exit. Do not return to your vehicles. Everyone will be re-admitted as soon as possible.”

 Use the nearest available emergency exit route to the appropriate assembly point. In the unlikely event that an evacuation is necessary please remember to take your visitors with you.


The safety and security of YMCA175 delegates is paramount. Anyone thought to be compromising the safety of other delegates will have their event accreditation revoked and will be removed from the venue. Please wear your event ID/photo accreditation at all times while in and around the venue.

On-site security is there for your safety, please make sure you follow their instructions at all times.

Look out for your fellow delegates at the venue and accommodation. Wear your event accreditation at the venue at all times, and it is recommended you wear it travelling to and from the venue, too.

 If you see anything suspicious at the venue, please call the venue security line on +44 20 7069 4444.


The nearest pharmacy to the venue is a 5-minute walk from Custom House DLR Station on the opposite side of the road to the venue.

Daylewis Pharmacy, 19 Freemasons Rd, London E16 3AR. +44 20 7476 2254


The nearest hospital with a 24 hours emergency room to ExCeL London is Newham University Hospital, Glen Rd, London E13 8SL.


In the event of any life-threatening medical emergency please call 999 immediately.


If you are a visitor from the European Economic Area you are strongly advised to bring a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. Overseas nationals are not eligible for free NHS treatment, except if they need emergency treatment while in the UK.

You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance to cover any medical expenses. If you come from a country that holds a UK healthcare agreement, you are entitled to free or reduced-cost medical treatment if needed immediately for a condition that started after your arrival in the UK.


There is a cloakroom situated opposite the Auditorium on level 0. The cloakroom costs £1 per item and does not accept any electronic devices such as laptops.

The cloakroom will operate from 8:30am – 11pm during the event.


Toilets are available on the Main Boulevard (opposite E16 Cafe), where you will find a Gender Neutral Toilet available. Disabled toilets available next to every toilet block.

There are additional toilets along the Prince Regent entranceway, and on level 3 at the end of the ICC Capital Suite workshops.

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